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Direct Talent Engagement

Top talent always exhibit inertia to move. To attract them there needs to be an inherent desire to work for your company. By introducing Direct Talent Engagement we can produce an integrated talent strategy that targets the people you need.

Who can benefit?

All organisations can benefit however we can definitely improve your employer brand if :

  • You have multiple engagement channels
  • You have no quantifiable benefit from your marketing spend
  • You want to understand your marketing ROI

What is the solution?

Our specialist teams can help you to manage your message and communicate effectively with your audience.  We consider all aspects of your hiring community from the passive candidate to the active candidate supporting your diversity hiring needs and ensuring all your employees sing from the same hymn sheet.

To create a successful recruitment strategy blended to suit each role we will review your online and offline advertising, internal referral and alumni programmes, networking events, press releases and editorials, social media and communities of interest, third party recruitment agency or headhunting firms.  The aim is to create a multichannel strategy which delivers quality without the cost.

How can it be implemented?

Direct Talent Engagement can be implemented immediately.

It will require an initial assessment of what you currently do to baseline your return on investment.  Followed by a formal review and detailed implementation plan.  Once implementation has been achieved, quarterly reports will be provided to demonstrate ROI.

What to do next?

For an initial consultation please contact us at


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