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About Us

If your organisation wishes to reduce recruitment costs, improve time to hire and/or improve your employer branding, then you can benefit from the services of Direct Talent.

In response to client demand Direct Talent was set up following an approach by a company who required a sustainable pipeline of candidates for critical on-going business positions.  They asked if we could support these candidates and maintain their interest until the business needed their services and/or they were available for hire. 

By setting up an in-house talent pool and building a sustainable talent pipeline strategy we were able to deliver high calibre talent on demand. Throughout the process we assisted candidates with career plans enabling us to assess their skills, behaviours and competencies against requirements.  Almost immediately we noticed candidates were much more engaged and motivated to work for the company. 

With the introduction of social media technology and the creation of communities of interest the recruitment landscape has changed and getting connected with candidates can be easy.  The hardest part is getting the right candidate in the right place at the right time. 

Direct Talent can help you navigate this new world of recruitment with efficient sourcing strategies, sustainable talent pipelines and effective candidate engagement to give you the competitive advantage you need now and in the future.  Your success is our success.


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The Direct Talent Team is a sister brand to The Bid Team

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