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Client Services

If your organisation wishes to reduce recruitment costs, improve time to hire and/or improve your employer branding, then you can benefit from the services of Direct Talent. We are a talent management solutions provider for clients who require in-house HR support.


Direct Talent Pipelines

The recruitment sector is estimated to be a £30b per annum business, by 2014.  The profitability of this sector is based on a transactional charge by agencies with no repeatable benefits.  By introducing Direct Talent Pipelines we can save your company costs and increase your bottom line, not theirs.

Direct Talent Sourcing

Recruitment strategies are typically reactive to demands and hence lengthen the time to hire with questionable results.  This adds additional cost to both the recruitment process and operational effectiveness.  By introducing Direct Talent Sourcing we can save your organisation valuable time.

Direct Talent Engagement

Top talent always exhibit inertia to move. To attract them there needs to be an inherent desire to work for your company. By introducing Direct Talent Engagement we can produce an integrated talent strategy that targets the people you need. 



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